There’s no reason why letting loose at a music festival should be incompatible with social responsibility. Which is exactly what Off the Grid is all about.

A packed music line-up has been announced for this year’s edition of the country’s most responsible festival, to take place in Melbourne on Friday 22 December. Alongside a program of performances curated by Jamie Bennett and Laura Christoforidis of Crown Ruler, Off the Grid punters will be privy to a selection of talks from leading environmentalists, architects, activists and entrepreneurs.

Aside from putting on a good time, the aim of the festival is to get the city of Melbourne powered by 100 percent solar power. Fittingly, the event itself will run on 100 percent solar power. The whole 14 hours of talking, drinking, dancing and eating will be done without sending a single piece of material to landfill.

“Using all of the profit from Off the Grid, we plan to help power the entire city, one solar project at a time,” reads a statement on the festival website.

“The power that is generated from the solar project will be sold back to the grid and the money then invested back into more parties. Once the city is 100 percent renewable, we will give that infrastructure back to the people of Melbourne.”

Full program for Off the Grid 2017 on the website.