A San Francisco-based design firm has brought architecture into the living room in an unusual way: with a coffee machine inspired by Brutalism.

Referred to as a ‘coffee machine’, the creators at Montaag say the AnZa appliance is more of a sculptural object; something more typical of a contemporary art gallery. AnZa is available in two distinct forms: a concrete design, and a crisp-white Corian design.

“Surprisingly little in the way of new thinking has taken place in the world of espresso machines – especially given the attention paid to progress interior architecture and how much real estate these machines take up in your kitchen,” says Per Ivar Selvaag, principal at Montaag.

Created in a backyard shed in California, the AnZa uses materials not often found in kitchen appliances, let alone a coffee machine. The two models will be equipped with ‘connectivity’ to more than caffeine, giving users remote access, IOT integration, and the ability to program machines to fuel espresso habits.

A crowdfunding campaign for the manufacturing of the AnZa project has just started on Kickstarter. The machines are expected to be available at the beginning of 2018.