Construction is underway in Atlanta on a new state-of-the-art stadium that features a rose shaped roof with retractable petal panels.

Designed by 360 Architecture, the 71,000 seats facility will serve as the new home of NFL team the Atlanta Falcons.

The stadium’s geometric shape is inspired by the Falcon’s logo, with triangulated glass and metal panels forming an angular base structure.

Topping the stadium is a rose-shaped retractable roof, made up of eight ETFE clad triangular panels, or petals, that slide open diagonally in a way similar to that of a camera aperture mechanism.

Each petal operates on a dedicated rail, moving in a straight line, diagonal to the others, to create the impression of circular motion.

360 Architecture worked with kinetic architecture consultant Buro Happold and the inventor of the Hoberman Sphere, Chuck Hoberman, to create the unique roof.

Also incorporated into the design is an envelope of louvers and operable glass curtains that work in conjunction with the roof’s movement to provide ample cross-ventilation.

Inside the stadium, an 18 metre-tall, 360-degree, high-definition “video halo” hangs from the roof’s trusses and will show fans a magnified view of the football game from the perspective of their seating area.

The stadium is scheduled to open in time for the 2017 NFL season.

Courtesy Architects Newspaper