A British hotel and events management company has revealed its latest boutique offering to the market—a 75,000sqm 19th century sea fort that has been repurposed into a luxury hotel and event facility.

‘No Man’s Fort’ is one of three forts purchased by AmaZing events in the Solent strait between the Isle of Wight and Great Britain Mainland which were first built in the late 1800s to defend the city of Portsmouth against French invasions.

AmaZing events have since repurposed two of the forts into floating event spaces for private parties, corporate hire and weddings. ‘Spitbank Fort’ was the first to open in 2012 and was tactfully refurbished by England’s PLC Architects. No Man’s is the second and most recent to open, while the company’s third fort, called ‘Horse Sand Fort’, is slated for renovation in the near future.

Looking up the Solent past Spitbank Fort to Horse Sand Fort. Image: Keith Wargaming.

No Man's is three times the size of Spitbank, offering 22 bedroom suites compared to Spitbank’s eight and a variety of facilities including its own laser battle, sea golf, a hot house with firepit, a large rooftop firepit, spa facilities, a cabaret bar, shops and restaurants.

No Man’s is situated 2.2km from the Isle of Wight, and like its little brother, is only accessible by helicopter or boat. It also has its own lighthouse—now a four storey tower with panoramic views and a glass floor.

Rooms at the fort start at $870.50 and go to $1354 for the Superior and Lighthouse Penthouse suites.

Above is the smaller Spitbank Fort and below are images of interior images of the fort courtesy of Amazing Events.