Invented by the Chinese in the 15 Century, porcelain tiles were initially used mainly on walls. They eventually spread to Europe and elsewhere, and today are used for a range of flooring and walling applications (in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.), both interior and exterior.

Most Porcelain tiles contain roughly 30-40 per cent white clay, 50 per cent Feldspar, 15% Kaolin and up to 15% quartz, as well as some other materials.


Porcelain vs ceramic

Though porcelain tiles are similar to ceramic tiles, the former incorporate finer clay. They are also baked at higher temperature. As a result, Ceramic tiles are more porous and porcelain tiles are more durable.

There are several types available, including polished porcelain tiles with a glossy look; Semi - polished (or honed) tiles which are great for high traffic areas; glazed porcelain tiles which expand the colour possibilities porcelain tiles; and full-bodied tiles (in which the colour and pattern goes all the way through the product). Finally, there are double-charge porcelain tiles, which feature two layers of different clays. The top one of these is generally decorative.

Given their durability, porcelain tiles are great for outdoor applications (on patios, outdoor entertainment areas, and so forth). In these cases, anti-slip finishes are recommended.

porcelain tiles


Benefits of porcelain tiles

As mentioned, perhaps the greatest attraction of porcelain tiles is the fact they are durable. They last a long time. On top of that, they are easy to clean and generally very low maintenance. When used outdoors, they can handle very cold weather (even frost), they are resistant to abrasion and chemical damage, and are allergy friendly.

They are versatile and recent steps forward in manufacturing techniques (such as ink jet printing processes) mean that exciting designs are now readily available at a range of prices from high-end to affordable or cheap. You can choose between a range of shapes and sizes (including mosaics, herringbone, carrara, travertine look, etc.) and a wide range of colours. Large format, stone look and wood look porcelain tiles are also available.

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How to install & maintain porcelain tiles

While porcelain tiles are very durable, they are also more difficult to install. Actually, the very fact that they are so tough makes them hard to cut and therefore more difficult to work with. Still DIY is not out of the question and those who take tis job on can choose between using manual cutters or electric/wet cutters.

Apart from that, and regardless of if you are applying the tiles to a wall or roof, the installation process involves: planning where you will lay the tiles, applying the adhesive, applying the grout and sealer, and cleaning off the excess.


How to clean porcelain tiles

In terms of cleaning, chemicals are generally unnecessary. Steam cleaning is not advised, and substances like bleach or alkaline cleaning solutions can damage the seal. For that reason, the best course of action is warm water and a mop, along with the use of mild soap periodically.


Stella Light Grey Porcelain Tile

1. Stella Light Grey Porcelain Tile

With a cloudy grey colour that is inspired by the patterns typically found in dark textured concrete and natural stone, these tiles are not only quite affordable but also compare nicely with the Italian porcelain tiles on the market.

Price: $45.00 sqm

Sizes: 600x600, 600x300, 300x300

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Stone Series porcelain tile

2. Stone Series porcelain tile

The Stone Series brings out the best in any floor, whether indoors or outdoors. Manufactured to the highest standards with state-of-the-art technology, these products are available in styles that take on the appearance of natural stone or even timber.

Price: $24.90 sqm

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Stone Porcelain Statuario porcelain tile

3. Stone Porcelain Statuario porcelain tile

These elegant, large format glazed porcelain tiles are not only suitable for a variety of applications but they also are available in a range of finishes (structured, matte and lapatto) to meet specific applications. They come with a 10 year warranty.

Price: $40.00 sqm

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Denali collection porcelain tile

4. Denali collection porcelain tile

Each capturing the tones and qualities of real stone, the Denali collection of porcelain tiles have six faces and therefore each tile accurately delivers an impressive stone-like appearance. They are available in Herringbone patterns and come in a range of sizes.

Price: $69.00 sqm

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Stromboli Viridian Green Porcelain Tile

5. Stromboli Viridian Green Porcelain Tile

Manufactured by Equipe, these subway tiles are suitable for all types of floors as well as for swimming pools. With a matte finish and a non rectified edge, they vary slightly in colour from tile to tile.

Price: $80.00 sqm

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Glazed Calacutta Porcelain Tile

6. Glazed Calacutta Porcelain Tile

Available in three variations, Glazed Calacutta Porcelain Tiles are recommended for living rooms and any other large indoor flooring areas. Recreating authentic Calacatta, they are low maintenance and come at an attractive price point. Each tile measures 800mm × 800 mm.

Price: $36.41 sqm

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Stone Series Porcelain Tile

7. Stone Series Porcelain Tile

Available at a very affordable price, these tiles have an impressive marble look and are suitable for a range of applications, both commercial and residential.

Price: $24.75 sqm

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Navi Hexagon Matt Spanish porcelain tile

8. Navi Hexagon Matt Spanish porcelain tile

These delightful Spanish-made Porcelain Tiles have a matte finish and are suitable for all types of internal wall and flooring applications. They have a matte finish and a non rectified edge, and they measure 198 mm x 228 mm.

Price: $45.00 sqm

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