In a world of boring and industrial-looking bridges, those that have been designed with some creativity and flair stand out.

Here are 10 of the world’s most unusual bridges that inspire fresh thinking, improve the lives of people and in a few cases, even manage to make us smile.

Bridge-Vlaardingse-Vaart.jpgBridge Vlaardingse Vaart


Circular Laguna Garzon Bridge Garzon Uruguay

Golden Bridge, Vietnam

Golden Bridge, Vietnam 


Island-in-the-Mur, Graz Austria

Lego-Bridge-Wuppertal-Germany-1024x768.jpgLego Bridge, Wuppertal, Germany


Lucky Knot bridge, China


Point Resolution Bridge , Auckland, New Zealand

RED BRIDGE (North Holland)

Red Bridge, Holland.

Rio Antirrio bridge, Greece

Rio Antirrio bridge, Greece.

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Texas

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Texas