The Best of the Best category of the Sustainability Awards isn’t so much an award, it’s more a celebration. The award and its nominees are chosen as not only the best in their respective fields, but as the most sustainable projects constructed within a 12-month period that this country and it’s designers has to offer. Projects that have been created with sustainability as the core value in mind are correctly recognised by the jury, forming the nominees for the category. The winner is typically a generational project that questions long-held theories, causes the industry to rethink and to apply the concepts of these particular projects to those in the future.

The Sustainability Awards is built around the idea that we must all do better in supporting our surrounding environment by assisting its healing processes as opposed to detracting from them. The Best of the Best award category, quite simply, is given to a building or structure that does this better than anyone else. It does not involve any specific parameters or requirements, except one: to be the best. 

sustainability awards best of the best

Alspec are the proud sponsors of the Best of the Best category for the 2021 edition of the Sustainability Awards. Committing to minimising pollution and contributing towards a sustainable future through operating their facilities in a manner that intersects environmental, technical, economic and social objectives, the company looks to deliver high quality aluminium solutions with these objectives in mind.

Striving to be an industry leader in everything it does, the company holds a strong desire to acknowledge the efforts of those in the built environment industry to make sustainable change. Best of the Best winners typically contain high sustainable, innovative and aesthetic qualities, which aligns with Alspec’s core values.

Ross Baynham, Alspec’s National Specification Manager, outlines exactly what the Sustainability Awards means to the company below.

“The Sustainability Awards does more than just acknowledge the achievements of excellence in sustainable design, it helps propel the industry forward.  By celebrating what has been achieved by the industry leaders in this space, we can encourage and compel the wider construction industry on a journey of Sustainability.”

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An award steeped in history and excellence, the Best of the Best award category for the 2021 Sustainability Awards will be announced in Sydney at the end of the year. If you have a project that you believe is worthy of recognition as the best of all, let alone it’s particular category, we would love for you to submit it here.