The most renowned of architects are in practice for the long haul. Creating and influencing design through the built environment from top to bottom, Australian built environment professionals are at the coalface of this change, from the moment they complete their Master’s degree.

Those who have served the Australian built environment for many years deserve to be celebrated for their efforts. Unfortunately, many architects and designers are not given the accolades they deserve – to be truly appreciated by the wider society for their contributions. But thankfully, with the Lifetime Achievement award at the Sustainability Awards, these design icons won’t slip through the cracks as we are able to showcase their achievements through the category itself.

To be eligible for the Lifetime Achievement award, one must have shown exemplary efforts in advancing the progression of the sustainable built environment in Australia over the course of their career. The award is typically reserved for long-standing architects, those with extensive contributions to the industry over a career spanning many decades.

2021’s Lifetime Achievement Winner was Mr Tone Wheeler. A pioneer of sustainability for more than half a century, Wheeler is a renowned architect and respected voice in the design community on a number of innovative and sustainable practices. Tone’s wide-reaching and generous contribution has been influential across many fields of endeavour including education, research, advocacy, community engagement, policy development and leadership. Wheeler is a regular figure in the media, including his weekly Tone On Tuesday column for Architecture & Design.

BlueScope Steel is supporting the Sustainability Awards as partner of the Lifetime Achievement category once again. The company is transparent in its sustainable measures, providing smarter steel solutions with the least impact on natural resources and the local environment. BlueScope’s facilities adhere to strict environmental policy, protecting the amenity of our community neighbours and the longer-term viability of shared, natural resources.

If you know of an architect, designer or design professional worthy to be nominated for the Lifetime Achievement category, we suggest you let us know here. The winner of the category, along with the additional 15 categories will be announced later this year. For more information, visit