Collaboration and an interdisciplinary design approach characterises the Ross Gardam studio and his team of creatives.

Designers, engineers and makers combine skills and nous to create furniture, lighting and objects that “ innovative technology with traditional craft, resulting in products imbued with subtle historical and ritualistic references.” There is a clear methodology in operation across the Ross Gardam team, and this includes responsiveness to environmental factors without being cliched or superficial.

Their approach to product sustainability reflects a sophisticated approach that is considered and informed. Whether it is about energy efficient technologies or attention to materials, their durability and how they are processed to manufacture high quality lighting and furniture.

More specifically, the focus on materials and finishes is comprehensive and talks to the principals of longevity without compromising user joy and visual quality. This is underpinned, in part, by detailed information on product warranties and a clear commitment to ‘extended producer responsibility’. They seem to understand that corporate social and environmental responsibility goes beyond the point of sale and warranty periods. Indeed Ross Gardam has evolved the concept to ‘extended designer responsibility’.

The studio understands the essence of circular design and the importance of designing-out waste and pollution from the outset. The respect for materiality and how the right decisions can enhance preciousness and longevity is palpable. The words restorative and regenerative come to mind.

It’s refreshing and reassuring to see designers and manufactures embracing the substance of circular design and stewardship. By working closely with distributors and local manufacturing partners, Ross Gardam provides specific stewardship solutions to ensure that their products and objects can be given a second and third life. Their stewardship options include:

  • Refurbishment of products for possible reuse by existing customer or on selling/remarketing to new customers.
  • On selling or donation of products in existing condition to other commercial businesses or organisations.
  • Disassembly of products for component and/or materials reuse in new product manufacturing.
  • Recycling components if reuse is deemed unfeasible.


The studio’s approach and focus on international markets while maximising Australian Made production is noteworthy. The majority of products are hand assembled with care in their Melbourne-based studio which ensures a high quality finish and reflects a devotion to detail.

Their recent product releases of lighting and upholstered furniture exemplifies a thoughtful design philosophy across the product life cycle. Lighting such as Hemera and Nebulae, and furniture such as Place, are testament to the essence of good design, durable materials and interdisciplinary collaboration.

All of this is possible under the direction and choreography of Ross Gardam. His work is often characterised by contemporary innovations “married with traditional processes imbued in heritage and ritual”.

It is a studio that creates with passion, explores with rigour and values quality. And thus the joy in their products is overtly tangible.

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