No more waiting for water to boil, no more clumsy kettles or urns and no need to buy expensive bottled water ever again. The new Zip HydroTap delivers instant boiling and refreshingly chilled filtered water at the touch of a tap at home or in the office.

Stylishly designed, Zip HydroTap is an elegant addition to any home or office kitchen environment. Unlike a tap, it doesn't have to be installed at your sink. It can be mounted on virtually any bench top where plumbing is available, so it can meet all your interior design requirements. Better still, the boiling, chilling, and filtration unit is installed out of sight under the bench top or sink.

The clever, compact design makes it easy and safe to fill cups, glasses, pots, and plungers. Push the red lever for instant filtered boiling water and the blue lever for freshly filtered chilled water. Pull up either lever until it locks "on" to fill pots, plungers, and bottles safely and easily.

In addition, Zip HydroTap provides an ecological alternative to traditional kettles and bottled water. It is up to three times more energy efficient than a traditional urn and as efficient as a well-managed kettle. And, unlike kettles, there's no water wastage.

Your drinking water is not only cleaner it's healthier, too – the triple action water filtration system conforms to NSF Standards 42 and 53 so it filters out dirt, rust, asbestos fibres, cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium, and particulates that can contaminate drinking water. Removing contaminants from the water supply means you can enjoy the freshest tasting tea, coffee and other beverages.

Replacement filtration cartridges are fully encapsulated to make filter changing quick and hygienic. They are as easy to change as a light globe and there's no need to turn off the water supply when changing the filter.

Make tea, coffee, or any hot beverage in a flash. Pour a glass of chilled filtered water whenever you like. Make a pot of noodles for a snack in no time. Speed up cooking by having instant boiling water at the touch of a tap. Zip HydroTap saves time, money, and the environment all day, every day.

- Infolink Architectural online