Matte black tapware continues to trend in the design world and this obsession seems more than just a passing fad. An increasingly popular choice in kitchens – both commercial and residential – matte black tapware’s versatility, style and practicality have it firmly placed as the go-to choice in kitchen tapware. And it’s not hard to see why.

Matte black works with everything

Matte black kitchen tapware has the unique ability to perfectly match a broad range of kitchen design elements. The muted black surface contrasts with glossy tiles, splashbacks and countertops. Using black tapware is a clever way to bring out the natural beauty and soothing tones of marble; it also works beautifully with wood, both rustic or highly polished, and more contemporary finishes such as polished concrete. The matte surface can also be artfully paired with shiny or matte metallics such as copper, bronze, gold and chrome, depending on the look you’re going for.

Smudge resistant

On the practical side, the matte black finish stays looking good with much less effort. No endless polishing and wiping away fingerprints – matte black is easy to clean, making it a great choice for busy, high use kitchen areas.

Suits every style

Industrial, country, contemporary, sleek, art deco, bohemian, eclectic – whatever the style of your kitchen space, matte black kitchen taps will suit your aesthetic. With so much versatility, it is not hard to see why matte black is the highest selling made-to-order colour in Zip’s range, selling more than double any other made-to-order colour. In fact, Zip has seen a 20-fold increase in matte black sales in the past year.

More than just a black tap

Not only do black Zip taps look amazing, they also deliver the same clean, pure-tasting filtered water our customers love. The matte black finish is available on our extensive range of options for filtered water taps, ensuring there is a style, design and water option for every space.

Plus, because Zip water taps can deliver chilled, sparkling, boiling and ambient water, you can clear kitchen counters and benchtops of other unnecessary appliances such as kettles or carbonated water makers (plus save storage and refrigeration space). For designers looking for a streamlined, uncluttered look, Zip water taps offer a simple, stylish, practical and healthy solution.

Browse the range and find your perfect matte black HydroTap from Zip’s extensive range here.