Zip HydroTap was specified for a new luxury residential development designed for accessible living.

Developed by DPN Group, Casa Capace in Oran Park, NSW is revolutionising residential property development with luxurious homes designed and fitted with the utmost consideration for accessible living.

Derived from the Italian language, the name Casa Capace (Casa meaning home and Capace, with the ability to achieve), aptly conveys the purpose to create innovative and beautiful homes that enable a life of comfort, ease, dignity and independence for people of all abilities.

Designed by leading architect Aaron Stevens in collaboration with NGOs and government entities, Casa Capace homes exceed the requirements of the NDIS and are built to the highest level of accessibility in the Livable Housing Australia Design Guidelines. Casa Capace homes are designed and equipped to accommodate people with significant physical impairment.


“As an enterprise, we are fanatical and fastidious about design,” says Sam Khalil, managing director, DPN Casa Capace. “Our mission is to create innovative and beautiful homes for people with disabilities, which don’t look institutional.”

The luxurious, technology-equipped residences feature thoughtful spaces, impeccable finishes, and sophisticated fittings and fixtures.

“Our design approach is a warm, calm luxury, which is employed throughout our home seamlessly,” says Khalil. “We purposely harmonised materials and elements with rigor to reduce clutter and visual pollution.”


Casa Capace’s design goes beyond mere aesthetics. Casa Capace is the first in the disability housing segment to offer an end-to-end Apple HomeKit solution as an option, making everyday tasks and movements actionable by voice command.

“The use of technology has no bigger impact on people’s lives than in the disability sector. Smart homes empower disabled people to live more independently and have control over their environment,” explains Khalil.

Achieving such refined design for accessible living was no small feat, given the limitations of accessibility products available. While many items were designed and made specifically for Casa Capace, providers of other products were carefully selected for their shared desire to design for accessibility. HydroTap Cube BA from Zip Water in a gunmetal finish was specified by DPN for the luxury project.

“Partnering with industry leaders, we selected Zip HydroTap for its ease of function for people with limited movement; residents can get a glass of boiling or chilled water using just a fist,” explains Khalil.

“We were also impressed with Zip Water’s superior product quality and sleek aesthetics, making them a perfect fit for inclusion in Casa Capace homes.”

Unveiled in February 2020 by Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, the Casa Capace pilot home is the first multi-dwelling home of its kind. With six bedrooms across two independent dwellings, the homes provide both intimacy and community for NDIS participants.

Photography: Tyrone Branigan