Zavanti , a provider of property and construction project software, has launched Zavanti Property Sales Manager, a comprehensive web-based property sales management system designed to manage the complete property sales process.

Zavanti Property Sales Manager provides an ideal visual matrix of developments and a central repository of property sales information, arming sales and project marketing teams with the information needed to make and manage sales without duplication.

Other powerful features include; Reservation and Booking Management, which facilitates the monitoring of the sales process and sales team performance.

Car Park Management allows the user to allocate car parking spaces to each development as well as each individual sale, and Advanced Reporting capabilities provide senior executives with immediate access to real-time information for each development.

Zavanti Property Sales Manager compliments Zavanti’s growing portfolio of property solutions, and has being introduced as part of their ongoing efforts to help property developer customers manage and grow their businesses more effectively.

“At Zavanti, we are always looking for innovative solutions to meet and satisfy our client’s business needs”, said Ian Plater, Zavanti Chairman.

“Zavanti Property Sales Manager comes at a time when we are seeing international demand for superior sales management tools. The core of the solution has been used to sell over 60,000 apartments globally, so we are confident that it will add great value for our clients.”

To celebrate the new release, Zavanti will feature at the PropEX Exhibition as part of the Property Council of Australia’s Congress at the Cairns Convention Centre on July 21, 2008.