In what is believed to be a world first, Zavanti have announced the availability of a complete solution for Property Developers. The solution provides seamless integration between two innovative software products, Zavanti Feasibility and Zavanti Property Developer, which help developers and builders to extend control over their project finances and business operations.  

While both products will still be available individually, this advancement will provide developers with one system capable of managing their complete project lifecycle from initial site and concept feasibility, through to full project financial management, inventory and sales.  

This release from Zavanti, replaces the need for a mish-mash of different software packages, which can often lead to errors, inefficiencies and unwarranted costs. One centralised system with single data entry significantly improves productivity, reduces costs and improves time management, allowing developers to spend more time managing and less time on repetitive administrative tasks.  

Zavanti Feasibility is a powerful financial analysis tool that provides developers with the critical information needed to select, prioritise, and budget for the projects that will represent the greatest ROI. The software provides a set of comprehensive reports and analytics to assess alternative investment strategies and model the implications of potential project variations.  

Zavanti Property Developer provides the back office financial, contractual and project management functions organisations need to successfully manage their development projects. From estimating and funding, through to subcontractor and sales management, the software takes your business beyond the core functionality of development and construction to complete financial and enterprise management.

“In response to the growing demand for our solutions and in recognition of the increasingly complex IT environments required to satisfy customer requirements, Zavanti is very pleased to be able to take leadership in providing significantly greater value, while at the same time simplification, to our customers through our solutions”, said Doug Harrison, Zavanti CEO.  

The new integration capability is now available in Australia, contact us for further information.