There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they have to take a critical look at their surroundings and consider changes to inject new freshness into the living spaces. Window blinds, for instance, will need to be changed every few years for several reasons.

1. Your décor has changed drastically

When the window coverings you installed many years ago clash with your current interior design choices, do consider a change. Available in a wide variety of options, new window blinds can be selected to match your décor style and functional needs without having to break the bank.

2. They’re difficult to lift

When window blinds become old, the lifting mechanism is the first to go, making the system unusable. Install new blinds that you will be able to easily open and close, and control the ventilation inside the room.

3. Slats have discoloured

Continuous sun exposure can damage the slats of your window blinds, with the resulting discolouration making the blinds look ugly. Having window blinds that work well is nice; however, if you are too ashamed to close them due to the discolouration, it’s time to search for new window coverings.

4. Your family has grown

Having small children and pets in the home means that you have to take special precautions to keep them safe. Window blinds with cords present a real choking hazard to both children and pets. Eliminate this everyday hazard permanently by switching over to motorised window blinds.

5. The slats have become warped

Faux wood window blinds can become warped due to sun damage while real timber blinds can become damaged due to humidity or water exposure. There’s nothing more unsightly than warped slats, which is when you should consider replacing them with brand new window blinds.

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