According to the Australian Government's Living Greener website, building a new home or renovating an existing one is the best time to be thinking about ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Whether it'd be deciding on the design of your home, heating and cooling options, insulation, transforming outdoor areas or choosing energy efficient appliances, your choices can vastly improve your lifestyle, comfort and your hip pocket.

Windows can let in or leak away up to 40 per cent of your home heating or cooling energy. According to Living Greener, choosing windows, doors or skylights with a Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) label can help reduce up to 80 per cent of this loss.

Wintec Systems energy-rated windows are designed to meet the high demands for energy efficiency and weather performance.

Key features of these WERS rated windows are:

  • helps educe the annual cost of heating and cooling your home
  • you can contribute to the national effort to reduce the environmental impact of non-renewable energy use
  • exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 2047-1999 for air infiltration performance
  • superior performance in water penetration resistance and structural rigidity
All Wintec Alumimium windows are WERS rated which is an effective method in reducing energy loss through clever design and high performance sealing.