As versatile and durable as it is cost-effective, laminate is a material that offers unmatched design flexibility. Suitable for a multitude of interior applications, laminate is favoured for its low maintenance requirements and fast, easy installation in commercial and residential projects alike. Yet, despite its widespread usage, there remains some confusion in the industry as to the types of laminate on the market and the considerations that must be taken into account when specifying laminate.

In A Multi-Layered Approach: Specifying Laminate for Interior Applications, laminate experts Wilsonart® dispel this confusion, providing readers with the necessary knowledge and understanding to correctly specify laminate. The whitepaper first explains the three main types of laminate, highlighting their defining characteristics and outlining the uses for which they are best suited. Building on this knowledge, the whitepaper then advises readers on how to select a finish for their laminate, again identifying key characteristics and considerations that should be taken into account.

The bulk of the whitepaper is devoted to showcasing the broad potential of laminate for indoor applications, and sets out a range of uses spanning from the conventional – such as counters and kitchen benchtops – to more creative applications such as furniture and whiteboards. Intended as a valuable resource for understanding the complex technical requirements surrounding laminate specifications, the whitepaper explains all technical terms and concepts thoroughly and in clear, easy to understand lay terms.

To learn more about the intricacies of laminate specification for interior use and read about some of the latest laminate innovations on the market, download the free whitepaper below.