Today’s design and construction industry operates in a complex environment in which the rise of sustainability is accompanied by pressure to provide an economic product that maintains its aesthetics over time and complies with tight budgets. This has prompted professionals to reassess traditional materials and incorporate innovative products, such as laminated and veneers, in a move to provide superior performance, beautiful aesthetics and long-lasting value.

The whitepaper “Difference at the core: Distinguishing between laminates and veneers” delves into the composition of laminates and veneers, demystifying the products and differentiating between their vastly different characteristics and features. In doing, it provides clarity by examining how each material addresses the need for lasting performance, cost-effectiveness at all stages, versatility and breadth in design opportunities.

The whitepaper drills down to the ways in which laminates can provide a project with superior qualities that excel under the demands of contemporary construction. It also explores the extensive laminate portfolio of Wilsonart, a global manufacturer and distributor of High Pressure Laminates and other engineered composite materials.

Wilsonart has led the global laminate market with a diverse catalogue of stylish, highly functional laminate surface solutions for over 50 years and offers over 150 woodgrain laminate designs and 20 different species. Its products also provide superior performance with excellent aesthetics and are available for a wide range of applications.

To learn more about laminate products and how their attributes could benefit your next project, download this free whitepaper.