The challenge of balancing commercialisation, innovation and environmental concerns has been met by a new range of EcoDesigned lounges created with the support of EcoRecycle Victoria.

The Re-Define upholstered lounge was designed by Melbourne-based, Danish born designer Torben Wahl of MID Commercial Furniture.

With environment, business and specifiers in mind, Torben Wahl has created an innovative piece of EcoDesign utilising Wharington International’s Recopol recycled resin as a key part of the lounge’s structure.

With product ecology input from the Centre for Design at RMIT, Torben Wahl has clearly demonstrated how real world environmental issues can be addressed with good design that is commercially relevant.

Wharington International’s motivation for the Re-Define project was to develop a high quality furniture with minimal environmental impact across the product life cycle - from materials selection and production through to use, reuse, recycling and final disposal.

Re-Define has also been designed to enable straightforward reupholstering as a way of maintaining visual quality and extending product life.

ReDefine is a fully upholstered lounge with frame in Recopol recycled resin, base in stainless steel and available in post-consumer recycled PET fabric. The range of lounges is manufactured by Wharington International.

Recopol is a registered trademark of Wharington International and comprised of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled resins.