The Shute-to-Shelf barcode scanning secure entry chutes, from Wharington International , are designed and manufactured in Australia.

The barcode scanning chutes can control access to libraries and can be exterior wall mounted. The flap of the barcode scanning secure entry chute opens only after scanning the barcodes that are programmed into the reader.

The chute can also be programmed to accept multiple barcode types and are easy to install, with rear fascia and security fixings on front fascia.

The secure entry chute is compact and interchangeable with other models of Shute-To-Shelf chutes. The barcode scanning secure entry chute is manufactured from stainless steel throughout, with three colour LED indicators: Open / Closed / Standby. The barcode scanners are easy to operate by patrons.

Features of the barcode scanning secure entry chutes include:

  • Able to add and remove barcodes
  • The chute has battery back-up for power outages
  • Connects to an Auto-Drop Dumpbin to lock when full
  • The secure entry chute is designed with forward drainage
  • The chute includes connectivity for RFID
  • Manual locking over-ride
  • Perforated debris tray removes to the rear
  • Programmed to read any number of barcodes of the institution
  • Rear cover of the chute blocks views and draughts
  • Removable roller assembly for sanitation