WD Moore Windtech  offers a wide range of windmill spare parts. The parts offered by WD Moore Windtech include Aermotor, Aermotor, Metters Master Nu-Oil, MBP, Yellowtail, Meters M Model, Meters K Model and the like. The Model M spare part offered by WD Moore Windtech is available in five different sizes.

WD Moore Windtech holds a team of experts who are qualified, trained and experiences to assist the customers in choosing the right spare parts for their water pumping systems. WD Moore Windtech also offers a wide range of pumps and components. The different types of pumps offered by WD Moore Windtech are flush cap pumps, siphon pumps, float valves, air chambers, poly rod borehole system, foot valves, clamps, pimp cups, tank stands, safety equipment and the like.

The syphon pumps offers by WD Moore Windtech consist of flash cap pump that is mounted within a cast iron outer chamber. It is offered in two lengths and consists of a multi directional outlet. It is also offered in two sizes.