Waterco  launches the next generation of robotic pool cleaners designed to reduce energy consumption and cleaning time.  

International swimming pool and water treatment specialist Waterco has launched a new range of highly advanced and sophisticated pool cleaners, the Nitro robotic wall scrubber cleaners for in-ground pools.  

Nitro robotic wall scrubber cleaners have been developed after extensive research and testing, with a design that operates on only 120 watts of power, a 90% reduction in energy consumption compared to pressure pool cleaners.  

Nitro robotic wall scrubber pool cleaners feature three internal direct drive motors that power the front and rear Gel-pro brushes.  

The highly versatile robotic wall scrubbers can clean pool floors as well as powerfully climb and scrub pool steps in addition to walls to the water line in only three hours with pinpoint navigation and superior traction capabilities.  

Nitro robotic wall scrubber pool cleaners intelligently replicate the pool’s filtration system, vacuuming water, dirt and debris via an internal pump and filtering the water through an internal filtration system.    

Extra-large vacuum intake ports placed directly behind both cleaning brushes enable the vacuuming of large leaves and debris from the pool.    

The strategic location of these ports combined with the advanced geometry of the unit’s underbelly allows debris to be vacuumed, not only from under the cleaner but also from its sides.  

Nitro robotic wall scrubber cleaners function as micro filters and circulate the pool water, reducing filter maintenance requirement, and saving precious water and pool chemicals.  

Pool water is expelled through the top of the cleaner, minimising pool floor debris turbulence.    

The quick drain system in the cleaner allows water to rapidly flow back into the pool, making it really easy to lift out of the pool.  

Key features of the Nitro robotic wall scrubber cleaners:

  • Extra large capacity washable filter bag for filtering fine debris
  • Increased skimmer basket capacity as it only captures debris from the pool surface
  • Patented easy-on, easy-off feature for ease of use
  • Cleans in-ground pools of any shape measuring up to 9m x 12m x 2.6m depth
  • Obstacle-free navigation ensures the cleaner won’t get stuck on, or in obstacles

Nitro robotic wall scrubber cleaners come with a convenient storage caddy and a two-year warranty (excluding Nitro wheels and Gel-pro brushes).