Waterco  introduces the new OnCommand pool & spa controller designed to simplify pool maintenance by automating various functions.

Though considered a symbol of status and success, swimming pools are high on maintenance. Waterco’s new OnCommand pool & spa controllers however, continue the current trend of home automation and consumer electronics to turn spa and swimming pool maintenance easy and enjoyable for the homeowner.

Designed as one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective aftermarket controllers available, Waterco’s OnCommand pool & spa controller enables users to automate pool, spa and ancillary functions such as pump, filter, heater, cleaner, landscape lighting and water features.

Adam Shelley, Waterco’s Zane Solar & Heating Manager explains that the OnCommand was developed to meet their customers' demand for a robust, cost-effective and easy-to-use integrated pool equipment automation system that was compatible with Waterco's existing product range.

Optimised to work with Waterco’s automated valves, Zane Solar systems and other pool heating products such as heat pumps and gas heaters, the OnCommand pool & spa controller can easily integrate all of them into a compact package instead of having a control box for each system component.

An optional remote control is programmable, rechargeable and waterproof for added convenience for the pool owner.

Stylish looks, sophisticated features and convenience for both installer and customer make the OnCommand system a good fit for the Waterco range. Suitable for fitting to existing or new pools, the pool controllers are ideal for busy owners who would rather spend more time enjoying than maintaining their pool.

Key benefits of Waterco OnCommand pool controllers:

  • Manages pool, spa and other backyard features automatically or with the push of a button
  • Remote and timed operation of pool and spa lighting
  • Intuitive programming, easy-to-read display
  • Automates up to four features, three valves, heater and solar controls
  • Automated schedules for off-peak electrical rates
  • Optional remote control
  • Two-year limited warranty