Waterco presents the Micron S602 ECO granular filter, a new key addition to Waterco’s EnviroPro product range. With the demand for more environmentally products, the Micron ECO pool filters have been designed with strong energy efficient and water conservation features. 

“The Micron ECO features an internal hydraulically-efficient system, which is designed to facilitate energy and water savings,” said Bryan Goh, Group Marketing Director of Waterco.

“We have used our experience in and knowledge of the commercial swimming pool market to design these new laterals and then applied the technology to the domestic pool market.”

The Micron ECO water filter systems utilises ‘fish tail’ laterals that provides better water flow distribution through the filter’s media bed, which helps enhance its filtration and backwashing efficiency.

According to Goh, the lateral system virtually eliminates any dead areas of flow and provides an even up-flow through the filter beds during backwashing.

Features of the Micron S602 ECO granular filters:

  • Energy saving ‘fish tail’ laterals
  • Depth filtration
  • 50mm multiport valve
  • Improved water clarity
  • Simple maintenance
  • Fibreglass wound construction
  • Ideal with low powered and energy efficient pumps
The Micron ECO pool filters are designed to work well with low powered and energy efficient pumps and can backwash at lower flow rates than standard filters.

The Micron ECO S602 granular filters are manufactured with the latest fibreglass winding technology, which is extensively used in Waterco products. The Micron ECO water filters feature an inner shell of fibreglass that is reinforced with polyester resin.