Modular wall panels from Wallmark help homeowners combine decorative fencing design with acoustic fencing features.

Garden feature walls improve street appeal and give the home a finished appearance that can actually help to enhance the value. Homeowners also seek to reduce noise from traffic and the neighbourhood reaching the house.

Masonry-look acoustic barriers from Wallmark use modular fence panels with soundproofing qualities to achieve both goals. Wallmark’s modular fence panels help homeowners get the same highly customisable decorative finish as a masonry wall minus the steep price tag.

Key features and benefits of Wallmark modular fence panels:

  • Secure interlocking prevents gaps between fence posts
  • Weather-resistant panels offer durability
  • Withstands prolonged exposure to the harsh Australian climate
  • Sound reduction quality makes them ideal for use as acoustic barriers
  • Can be customised to suit personal tastes
  • Panels and posts can be coated in a wide range of finishes and textures
  • Panels can also be painted in a wide variety of colours to suit the home’s exterior
  • Decorative capping for posts enhance masonry appeal
Wallmark modular wall panels and lightweight alloy posts can be easily and quickly installed. Being pre-made, the panels can be inserted into the posts easily to create an instant acoustic fence. Pillar-style posts are also available to support the fencing panels for those choosing to create a masonry-look wall. These posts are customisable, making them ideal for creating garden feature walls that also help to reduce noise reaching the house.

Low barrier fences can be installed across the yard using modular wall panels and completed using wrought iron or powder-coated aluminium for a decorative effect. Treated timber slats may also be considered alternatively to increase privacy around the home without restricting the views into or out of the yard.