Wallmark’s extensive range of fence panels can create a decorative, practical fence design, yet remain cost-effective.

The street appeal of a house can be enhanced with just a simple enclosed front yard, in which a decorative fence can achieve. It can also offer more privacy and increasing security.

However, costly masonry walls can be prohibitive for many home owners.

That’s where Wallmark’s wide range of fencing panels comes in. It is possible to create a front fence with the look of masonry without having it cost the earth.

The range of acoustic fencing panels is designed specifically to be lightweight and economical. Panels are insulated to reduce the amount of heat transfer and are extremely effective as acoustic barriers.

A superior level of noise reduction is provided – ideal for homeowners living near busy roads or noisy neighbours.

The innovative modular panel design allows for quick and easy DIY installation that doesn’t require strip footings to be laid. Panels insert easily into durable, reinforced fencing posts that give a crack-free finish when the fence is complete. The modular design also allows anyone to create unique front fencing ideas that are easily carried out.

The fencing panels are able to be coated in various textures and finishes to create any effect, allowing the panels to be painted to complement the décor of the home and create a decorative finishing touch to any yard.