Wallboard Tools  has an extensive range of durable, practical and affordable hand tools suitable for a number of DIY projects including plastering. The collection includes bolt cutters, cartridge guns, corner tools, hammers, hand and pole sanders, levels, mixers and rasps. Wallboard Tools are focused on finding new products through continual research and development, to ensure customers are always satisfied with the service and products provided by the company.  

There are two cartridge guns available, both are painted steel, balanced and lightweight. They can be used with standard sized cartridges and are manufactured for long term use. There are 7 types of cutting tools offered by Wallboard Tools. The Circle Cutter Wheel comes with a spare knob to adjust the diameter of cut outs, while the Cement Sheet Cutter has a rust resistant paint finish, round tube grip, and cute cement sheets up to 10 millimetres thick.  

The three hand mixers from Wallboard Tools are all coated to resist rust, and feature heavy gauge steel mixing grids. 46 joint knives are available in a range of different sizes. Each are made to be long lasting and durable, with interlock handles and individually ground and polished blades. 5 new styles of hand trowels have been added to the already large collection, featuring rubber handles, stainless steel blades and in various sizes.