Plasterboard and cement sheeting can contribute up to 80% of the wall and ceiling surface area within a dwelling or commercial project, not to mention the prevalence of cement sheet externally.

The majority of plasterboard and cement sheet systems require jointing along edges to deliver a final seamless surface area. Finished joints, no matter the level of workmanship may still present as less than perfect. One contributing factor is the prevalence of butt joints when sheeting expansive surface areas. These can present as unsightly peaked joints that contribute to glancing light issues. An improved finish is achievable when the necessity for butt joints is reduced.

The solution to this long standing problem is the RebateMate tool, distributed locally by Wallboard Tools . The RebateMate is a revolutionary power tool designed to cut rebates along the edges of both plasterboard and cement sheet in preparation for jointing therefore eliminating butt joints altogether.

RebateMate is simple to use and delivers substantial cost and time savings. When attached to a vacuum the RebateMate will operate in a relatively safe and dust free work environment.