Vista System International / Fen Systems , a fast growing pioneer and leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), with Australian exclusive distribution centre at Sydney N.S.W. has unveiled an information post sign frame that is easily noticeable from a distance and can accommodate A4 or letter size format inserts.

Vista’s information post sign is easily read, thanks to its 45° angle. The sign frame is mounted on a post. The top end cap is formed to host a laser cut information pictogram that meshes with the standard Vista profiles to create a unique bespoke looking sign.

These steel or aluminium parts can be used for displaying logos, icons and more. The pictograms or other graphics can be custom ordered to create a fully made to order sign. This is a unique new feature, part of Vista’s MCFT concept – tailor made accessories that accentuate the purpose of the sign.

Vista’s information post sign offers the flexibility to accept a variety of insert materials, such as paper, engraving, vinyl, digital printing and photo-polymer. The inserts can be easily removed and updated.