Vista Window Coverings  offer sheerfold blinds that have been designed to allow the required amount of privacy and light into the room. Soft folds are available between solid louvres which are made of fabric. The solid louvres can be rotated up to 180 degrees so that the users can adjust the entry of light as per their requirements.

The Roman blinds offered by Vista Window Coverings are available in many trims and sizes so as to offer a wide choice to the customers. The Roman blinds are designed such that it gives an informal, yet elegant look to the room. When raised it provides a good view of the outside world and hen lowered, it gives a classy look to the room and enhances its décor. These blinds can also be custom designed so as to match individual customer requirements.

The roller shutters offered by Vista Window Coverings can be custom designed according to the taste and preferences of the users. The shutters can be adjusted in such as way that the required amount of ventilation and light is provided.