Reputed international manufacturer Viega has launched a new range of stainless steel press connections designed to enhance safety in drinking water installations.

Viega’s new stainless steel Sanpress Inox system featuring the Smart Connect Feature is highly versatile in application, increasing safety in residential, industrial and gas installations. The high-grade stainless steel Viega Sanpress Inox system encompasses a comprehensive range of press connectors, pipe and system fittings for plumbing and building services.

Viega’s National Sales Manager Australia Rod Luker explains that the Sanpress Inox system is an ideal alternative for applications or environments that are unsuitable for copper installations.

Sanpress Inox press connection systems are made of high-alloyed non-rusting stainless steel and available in sizes between 15mm and 108mm, ensuring their suitability for industrial applications.

The Smart Connect Feature is a key component of Viega’s Sanpress Inox system. A small channel on the bead of the press connector, the innovative Smart Connect Feature enables testing of un-pressed fittings of a complete installation, centrally and conveniently using a manometer.

According to Luker, the Smart Connect Feature gives an installer peace of mind knowing that there are no fittings left un-pressed. Dry leakage and load testing using compressed air is also possible, providing hygienic advantages as it prevents water being present in the system between the completion of the installation and its commissioning.

Key features of the Sanpress Inox system include connectors equipped with a high quality sealing element; and a cylindrical pipe guide preventing jamming and wedging of pipes in the connector to protect the seal, guaranteeing secure sealing of the fitting.

The Viega press technology is at the heart of the Sanpress Inox system; the connectors are pressed with Viega’s light and practical press tools in a matter of seconds and are permanently secured without the danger of fire and time-consuming fire prevention measures. Since the pipes are cold-pressed and not welded or soldered, there is no risk of fire. Sanpress is therefore, suitable for refurbishments and extensions.