Located at Griffith University’s Nathan campus, the Engineering, Technology and Aviation building (Building N79) is a state-of the-art educational facility that allows students to combine books, technology, and face to face lectures with industry-relevant hands-on experience.

Incorporating the latest technology – including everything from sensors that collect information about the building’s utility usage, to more than 150 video screens – it provides occupants with a taste of the modern workplace in full operation.

Including 6,000 square metres of floorspace over six levels, Building N79 is made up of multi-functional learning spaces that are suitable for future adaption. It is designed to be ready for change and to respond to future educational requirements.

Right now, the building’s third level is mainly taken up by staff workspace, while Levels 4 and 5 have been fitted out with student learning and breakout spaces, and the latest in laboratory hands on learning including motorised blinds with high performance BIO “safe” fabric.  Meanwhile, Level 2 is largely devoted to laboratories and Level 1 is occupied by teaching areas and simulation labs. Then on the Ground Level there is an expansive space, which has 10-metre-high ceilings and is therefore large enough to fly drones in or even hang light aircraft in.

Blinds by Verosol

Building N79 was designed by global firm Hassell. Understanding that all this technology – these screens, laboratories (and drone flying areas) – required not just plenty of light but also the means to control it and the resultant heat and glare. The architects specified blinds supplied by Verosol throughout the building.

More than 500 roller blinds featuring 802 SilverScreen Enviro fabric in Dark Grey are installed throughout the building. In addition, on the top floor, there are motorised roller blinds that carry Soltis Bio 502 (a specialty healthcare fabric).

802 SilverScreen Enviro is an industry leading product that is manufactured using a process called metallisation and is a certified cradle to cradle (C2C) product – one of the highest marks a textile/ product can obtain, and as such, has a solar reflectance capability of 74 per cent. The 802 SilverScreen Enviro is very much at home among the state-of-the-art technology of the N79 Building. The roller blinds carrying the fabric, which is available exclusively from Verosol, have contributed significantly to the facility’s overall thermal efficiency and sustainability.

Aesthetically, they look great. Featuring a woven screen-like construction and a clear textile appearance the blinds, which are all dark grey in colour, complement the rest of the fit-out perfectly, allowing unobstructed views through to the outside, providing glare and temperature control.

As is often the case on projects of this scale, the architects required some special assistance from the supplier, not just in terms of choosing the best products for the job but ensuring a correct fit. In this case, the difficulty concerned some of the building’s curved facades. A company with over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of high-performance window coverings, Verosol was able to lend the expertise needed to ensure the difficulty was overcome.

Today, all the blinds fit perfectly and are fully operational. Installed throughout Griffith University’s new Engineering, Technology and Aviation building they are playing their role, helping prepare the industry leaders of tomorrow in one of the best facilities of its type in Australia.