Custom made Vergola (NSW) outdoor louvre roofing was recently chosen by owners of a Seaforth property in Sydney.

The family is from the northern Sydney suburb of Seaforth and had a vision to turn their outside living area into a protective oasis the whole family could enjoy throughout the year.

The challenge was to find a structure that would provide protection from the wind, rain and sun in their north-facing yard, and would also complement the intricate timberwork on their Edwardian style home.

The 6m x 6m Vergola outdoor louvre roofing was custom-designed and built to fit a u-shape space near the family’s English garden. The owners wanted the frame to be built in timber in order to match a verandah they had admired in an English lifestyle magazine.

Along with the outdoor louvre roofing, the Vergola designer used round columns and big timber beams to match timberwork on the house.

Vergola (NSW) employs experienced technicians who are responsible for designing the outdoor louvre roofing system projects based on client specifications. Based on these specifications, each louvre roofing system is manufactured, erected and installed.

Vergola’s louvre systems are customised to complement the style of any home.