Uridan waterless urinals, available from Watersave Australia offer several advantages, especially in portable and modular buildings.

Every year Uridan waterless urinals help organisations save millions of litres of water, reducing water usage by up to 60,000 litres per urinal per year. 

Apart from the obvious water savings, Uridan waterless urinals combine environmental performance and operating cost benefits with outstanding Danish design. The extensive range of waterless urinals in terms of models, materials and colours ensures there is a solution for every amenity block. 

Uridan waterless urinals offer several advantages for portable and modular buildings including easy installation with minimum footprint; zero water requirement for flushing; waste trap connecting directly to the sewer system; floor or wall wastes to suit; and portability.

Made from ceramic materials, Uridan waterless urinals are also available in a lightweight fibreglass option for use in portable buildings with a lighter construction. In places where water is at a premium and amenities cannot be connected to town water, portable buildings with Uridan waterless urinals provide huge savings as amenities will require smaller water tanks and effluent tanks, eliminating potable water wastage.

Uridan waterless urinals operate without replacement waste cartridges reducing maintenance and operating costs for users. Frequently installed for schools, sporting facilities and major sporting and entertainment events by providers of portable and modular buildings, Uridan waterless urinals are also specified for use in remote locations with limited water supply.