Water damage to buildings from burst pipes can be prevented by installing an innovative monitoring device just released by Watersave Australia.

The WaterGuard can monitor and detect abnormal flows of water resulting from breakage, misuse, vandalism, or neglect of water pipes and appliances like taps and toilets. It can then automatically turn off the water supply to prevent flooding, wastage and damage to property. It can also phone the building manager or maintenance crew to alert them to the emergency and maintain a log of water-wasting incidents and excessive consumption.

The computerised device can be easily controlled and reset at the touch of a button and configured to monitor water usage as required in different situations.

Watersave says that by installing WaterGuard, a building owner can save thousands of dollars in repair costs and bills for wasted water.

It says the monitoring device is particularly useful for blocks of apartments, office blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools and other buildings with public washrooms and toilets.

A director of Watersave, Mike Byrne, says the device is also useful for house owners, many of whom already use electricity safety switches.

“WaterGuard will provide information on water consumption, allowing building managers to make changes and see the results of those changes,” he says.

“If there are leaks in the building, WaterGuard will pick that up too. Once a standard water consumption figure is established for a building, WaterGuard will let you know when it changes. The event logger will capture details of any one-off incidents that use a lot of water. So it really is a complete water management tool.”