Composite decking from Urbanline Architectural was innovatively used at the new Sandstone Point Hotel on Bribie Island in various applications that brought out the versatility of the material.

Located at the entrance to Queensland’s Bribie Island, the 3,000sqm hotel has a capacity of 10,000 for entertainment events. Urbanline’s Smoked Oak Millboard was installed throughout the outdoor eating areas, with the durable composite decking meeting the demands of high traffic as well as the tough seaside conditions.

However, Millboard was not only used as decking but also on rustic table tops for weather-exposed tables, in matching boxed and bench seating, and on movable furniture, providing the base for a 6x3-metre trailer that doubled as an entertainment stage.

The greyed off, weathered look of Urbanline’s Smoked Oak Millboard decking looks the part in the beachside setting, fitting both the contemporary styling and the stunning surrounds. Made from minerals bonded with a polymer resin, the composite decking looks convincingly raw and natural while also offering a high level of stability and durability.

The composite Millboard’s qualities additionally reduce maintenance effort for the busy Sandstone Point Hotel, eliminating any hassle of oiling, painting or coating for the lifetime of the product. The decking provides excellent grip for the hotel’s guests and staff while its Lastane surface ensures excellent sound absorbency, making for more intimate experiences in an expansive setting.

Millboard decking is made using reclaimed and recycled materials, and does not have any wood content, offering a low environmental impact solution for the beautiful location.