Located in the heart of Scarborough, Perth, this new home is a perfect example of how the architect overcame the limitations of designing and building on a small block of land to meet the homeowners’ expectations. Often architects and builders face the challenge of having to incorporate the client’s ideas on a small building area without compromising on the design and high building standards.

Designed to embrace coastal living, the Scarborough home exemplifies a project where the homeowners’ requests meet function without sacrificing style. NewTechWood castellation cladding in ‘Ipe’ created a lovely finishing touch for this modern coastal facade.

With some careful thought and clever design, this four-bedroom, two-bathroom home has successfully achieved the client’s brief on a small block of land measuring just 300 square metres. The house was built by Broad Water Builds, Perth’s experienced home builder specialising in affordable custom new homes and renovations. They embedded their philosophy of ‘your home, your way’ into this Scarborough house by customising the home and all finishes according to the homeowners’ wishes.

Challenging design task – a striking home from both streetfronts

The client engaged Perth designer studio White On White Designs to design their dream home. The young family with two children wanted a modern, architectural feel to their home while maximising the building footprint on a relatively small block of land. For this corner lot home, the clients were seeking something unique and striking from both streetfronts – a house that would look like it was on a much larger site and also had a floor plan for a growing family.

Incorporating the homeowners’ ideas, White on White Designs conceptualised a striking contemporary home, despite the small dimensions of the plot. Lack of space is overcome with high ceilings to the main living area and 6-metre column-less stacker doors that allow in plenty of light and fresh air.

NewTechWood castellation cladding blended into an industrial look

“We came up with the modern styling using horizontal lines, and playful varying forms and heights. We added textures with polished plaster, angled forms and the all-important feature castellation cladding element to help break up the facade and provide a point of contrast, interest and texture.

“It was designed to stand the test of time as a long-term residence for my clients. It needed to tick all the boxes,” Chris White of White On White Designs said.

NewTechWood timber look cladding, with its modern 3D design and contemporary appearance, blended seamlessly with the clean lines of the home and worked perfectly with the overall design approach. Subiaco Restoration supplied the cladding for this project.

“The industrial look polished concrete floor, contemporary architectural facade, NewTechWood castellation timber cladding, polished plaster walls and sleek modern cabinetry have allowed this building to stand out even more. This home definitely turns heads,” Louis Gonzales, director of Broad Water Builds noted.

NewTechWood cladding is well known not only for its natural timber-like look and unmatched beauty but also for its durability and next-to-zero maintenance. For clients who want a timber look on their exterior walls but without the hassle and cost of maintenance, NewTechWood composite timber panels are the ideal solution.

“Specifying NewTechWood cladding was initially my idea and followed through with the help of my wife Roxanne, the interior designer from White On White Interiors. She helped our clients choose the right colour to complement the style and colouring of the home for a seamless finish. We opted for the castellation cladding as it’s low maintenance, easy to install, visually appealing and versatile, with a good choice of complementary colours to suit many home styles. Amazing product,” White added.

Exterior timber look without the headache of maintenance

‘Ipe’ was the logical colour choice for the castellation cladding, as it emulates a warm timber appearance and embraces the modern coastal facade. Besides the excellent finish, thanks to the protective coating, NewTechWood cladding also possesses UV, stain and fade protection, which makes it perfect for building near coastal locations.

Several cladding options were presented with both the client and designer appreciating the look and feel of NewTechWood castellation cladding.

“I think that is an excellent choice for the client – a great product that mimics the timber look and feel, but without the headache of maintenance. It’s beneficial for builders as well – it’s a durable and easy-to-install system. Unlike natural timber, we don’t have to worry about consistency and the final finish, as NewTechWood is prefinished,” Gonzales, a builder with 20 years of experience, added.

One of Perth’s popular coastal suburbs, Scarborough is largely an urban infill location. According to White On White Design, they designed this Scarborough house to suit the ever-changing nature of the suburb and its coastal heritage. This corner lot house design embraces coastal living, lots of light, bright colours and hints of contrast with the timber look cladding.

Images: Broad Water Builds