NewTechWood has recently achieved two leading green building credentials – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). These recognitions for excellence in sustainability acknowledge NewTechWood’s commitment to minimising the carbon footprint through innovative eco-friendly building materials from a sustainable process.

LEED – the leading green building credential


Developed by the US Green Building Council, the LEED rating system is a major international standard for sustainability. It covers buildings, homes, and communities designed, built, maintained and operated to high environmental performance.

NewTechWood has achieved an LEED compliance statement in the field of materials and resources. That means NewTechWood decking, cladding and screening can be used for any building project seeking LEED certification. 

Around the world, LEED is helping companies and communities create healthier, more sustainable spaces. NewTechWood is now an officially recognised brand for architects, builders and designers sourcing sustainable outdoor materials for LEED-certified buildings and projects.

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration 


EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a transparent report that communicates what a product is made of and its carbon footprint through its entire lifecycle. The EPD verification process is performed by an approved independent verifier to provide an overview of the product’s environmental performance.

EPD is essential for the building industry, as it makes it possible to compare the environmental impacts of different materials and products and, therefore, to select the most sustainable option. EPD supports carbon emission reduction by allowing architects, engineers and designers to choose the most sustainable option for their project.

EPD certification also encourages the manufacturer’s commitment to transparently measuring and reducing the environmental influence of its products. A verified EPD contributes to the product’s credits for LEED v4, BREAM and other leading green building rating systems. NewTechWood is also EPD verified.

NewTechWood demonstrates green principles and values

At NewTechWood, we have always been at the forefront of sustainable practices, and these accolades further reinforce our sustainability credentials.

Our green principles and values are demonstrated throughout the entire product lifecycle: 

  • Products are made from 95% recycled materials, including high-grade recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres
  • Annual third-party audits are conducted to comply with environmental and health & safety guidelines and regulations
  • Carbon footprint is decreased through waste reduction, energy conservation, and utilising an optimum manufacturing process