The best way to get the community healthy and fit is to get them outdoors.

Keeping the general population fit and healthy is becoming increasingly challenging by the day for various reasons including long hours at work, unhealthy eating habits and children preferring video games and the internet to playing outdoors.

Unisite suggests four ways to encourage community members to lead fit and healthy lifestyles.

Encourage your local farmers

Encourage people to include healthy fruits and vegetables in their diet and skip the temptation to pick up unhealthy frozen pizzas. Buying local produce from farmers and markets makes the weekly shopping cheaper and healthier too. Take the lead in organising regular farmers markets and encourage local producers to share their knowledge about cooking simple recipes with seasonal fruits and veggies.

Invest in park furniture

Give the community a reason to get outdoors and enjoy the view. Installing high quality tables and chairs, barbecues, drinking fountains, and proper bins will all combine to offer a great day out. Installing the right kind of park furniture can make a big difference to barbecues with friends and family or simply enjoying the sun during a lunch break. Parks equipped with well-designed furniture that ensures people have comfortable options to sit, drink and relax will be filled up in no time.

Offer plenty of information

Take the initiative to educate people about leading healthy and fit lifestyles. For instance, knowing about the unhealthy consequences of junk food and healthier alternatives can help people change their food habits for the better. Set up a dedicated website to ensure the public has access to the information they need to slowly improve their lifestyles. Flyers can be handed out at specific events (such as farmers markets) and the public should also be encouraged to share that knowledge with others they know.

Bike parking installations

Cycling is increasingly being adopted by people all over the globe as an exercise method or as a mode of conveyance. Keeping the bike secure when parked is a major concern for cyclists and often prevents them from taking their bikes out when they know they can’t keep a watchful eye. Unisite recommends bike parking installations made of strong materials such as steel and alloy to assure bike riders that their bikes will be safe. This assurance will encourage more members of the community to take up cycling as a mode of transportation.

Unisite supplies exceptionally stylish and functional outdoor furniture and facilities throughout Australia.