Several products from Ultraflex Panelling were selected for the spectacular interiors at The Star NSW. Designed to impress, the interior project used slotted MDF panels, hardwood and perforated MRMDF panels for the main entry, main entry stairs and escalator trim as well as the Sovereign Room.

Main entry

Slotted MDF panels featuring a 2 pack polyurethane finish and acoustic backing were used in the main entry area. Measuring up to 3.1m in length, the panels were positioned diagonally around a cone, which required the project to be drawn in 3D to ensure each unique panel fitted correctly with no adjustment needed.

Sovereign Room

This room required a batten wall to be created to meet specified acoustic requirements. The batten wall was created using Japan Black stained 50x50 hardwood mounted on a material covered machined MRMDF backing.

About 150 square metres of perforated MRMDF panels with a gloss 2 pack polyurethane finish and acoustic backing were additionally used in the Sovereign Room to deliver a series of fan blades for the ceiling with diameters up to 15m across. The five blades act as a striking feature in this room.

Main entry stairs

Slotted MDF panels were utilised in the area adjacent to the main entry stairs to cover the void between the panel wall and the glazing above it on level 1. The panels were segmented around an arch with a mitred angled return.

About 65 square metres of slotted MDF panels were used for the panelling application.

Escalator trim

Slotted MDF panels measuring about 35 square metres were utilised to create a standard panel trim to cover the transition between floors through a void.