Tyco Water - Plastic Pipeline Systems  is a leading manufacturer of special piping systems and products that can be used with a variety of industrial applications in all types of environments. The Corzan PVC-C is a post chlorinated PVC pipe model that has excellent chemical resistance and heat retention features. Hence, it can be used for applications involving hot corrosive liquids at temperatures up to a hundred degree Celsius.

The Corzan PVC-U Grey model of pipes from Tyco Water - Plastic Pipeline Systems are used to resist attack from most solutions of acids, alkalies and salts. They are an economical and light weight solution for high temperature applications.

Polypropylene piping systems have excellent resistance to most organic and inorganic chemicals and are used extensively in pharmaceutical, electronics and chemical industries. Electrofusion couplers are also available for jointing pipe fittings. They are used with socket fusion, butt fusion or electrofusion jointing methods.

Tyco Water - Plastic Pipeline Systems also offers special piping systems for petrochemical, hydro metallurgical, food, nuclear, paper and pulp and metal surface coating industries.

Polyethylene pipes for usage with mineral slurry pipelines, water reusage, effluent transportation, submarine pipelines, irrigation and mine water supply are also offered by Tyco Water - Plastic Pipeline Systems.