Trimble Australia announces the release of the new Trimble SPS356 DGNSS beacon receiver specifically designed for marine construction applications.

Designed as an affordable, dedicated marine receiver, Trimble SPS356 allows contractors to achieve sub-meter accuracy using DGNSS or MSK beacon station corrections for robust, multi-constellation positioning. The receiver is ideal for a range of marine applications including dredging, vessel positioning and tracking, and bathymetric surveying.

Trimble SPS356 DGNSS beacon receivers bring sub-meter GNSS capabilities to the marine construction industry for reliable positioning applications, and include support for China’s BeiDou and Russia’s GLONASS constellations. Corrections can be received from signals broadcast by MSK beacon stations, from Satellite-based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), or via an external radio or Internet connection from a local reference station.

Combining a compact design with a rugged housing, the SPS356 DGNSS beacon receiver offers high shock and vibration ratings for marine vessel installation in harsh marine environments. The optional internal battery allows the SPS356 to continue functioning through power surges, outages or interruptions, which are common in marine applications.

Trimble SPS356 DGNSS beacon receivers come with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities to expand system integration and connectivity options. With the Wi-Fi capability, the SPS356 can be accessed using any device with a web browser, including smartphones or tablets for configuration and monitoring.

The new Trimble SPS356 DGNSS beacon receiver is available now through Trimble’s Marine Dealer Channel.