Thermashield energy-efficient window and door systems from Trend Windows & Doors facilitate easy evaluation of the level of protection required for each window and door in a building project.  

Inefficient glazing on doors and windows plays a major role in energy loss in a building.  

Australian building regulations (BCA) are focused on reducing energy consumption making it imperative for buildings to incorporate energy-efficiency measures in the design and planning stage.  

Environmental principles should be incorporated at the design stage where initial extra costs in the building or renovation stage will provide long term benefits by assisting in the reduction of heating and cooling requirements. This transforms into cost savings on energy bills in addition to helping the environment.  

Efficient design is important and building orientation can help in energy savings as windows on the east and west faces will require different Thermashield® options to windows on the north and south faces of the building.  

The high-performance Trend Thermashield system makes buildings more energy-efficient as well as comfortable, reduces energy bills and lowers peak heating and cooling loads.   This means smaller heating or cooling systems can be employed that are also easier on the environment.  

Trend Thermashield frames with low thermal conductivity and low air infiltration complemented by energy-efficient double glazed systems balance out the entire window system.  

All Trend Thermashield products are WERS (Window Energy Rating System) rated and NATA tested.  

The WERS ratings are approved by AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council) and recognised by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council).

The WERS system is currently the only scheme approved for energy rating windows and doors in Australia.