Tractile’s leading-edge solar PV and thermal integrated roof technology was pivotal in Team UOW’s Desert Rose House first place result in ‘Innovation’ at the prestigious Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018.

The Solar Decathlon, hosted in Dubai in November 2018, challenged 14 collegiate teams from 11 countries to design, construct and operate solar powered houses that are sustainable, stylish and cost effective.

The University Of Wollongong Desert Rose House featured a 10.4kWp Tractile solar system, making it a net-positive energy house; producing more energy than is consumed.

Tractile’s 4-in-1 system of electricity, hot water, roof tile and insulation came into its own in the hot desert sun, with the water running through the tiles not only providing thermal energy for hot water requirements, but also adding extra cooling effects to the interior. 

Tractile’s thermal technology increases the efficiency of the solar cells by 10%+ in desert like conditions compared with traditional solar performance, which declines as the temperature rises.

In addition to placing 1st in the category of Innovation, Desert Rose House also placed 1st in the category of ‘Comfort Conditions’ and 2nd overall.

As installation manager, Brendan Banfield says, “One of the best parts about the Tractile system is the quick installation time.”

Tractile’s unique and secure hook and batten system is simple to install and is cyclone category 5 rated, withstanding 280km/h winds.

The sleek slate like design aesthetic, and large format, low profile tiles easily accommodates Desert Rose’s modern design with a low roof pitch of 10˚.

Suitable for coastal (and desert) conditions, Tractile’s tiles are made from a non-corrosive, lightweight and durable composite material, comprising fibreglass, resin and fire retardant.

The 1050mm x 650mm tiles can easily be lifted with one hand and accommodate a 250kg point loading.

“We are extremely happy with our BIPV-T system and are proud to show it off to the juries and public touring through the Desert Rose,” Brendan says.

After the excitement of their success, The Desert Rose House is returning to the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus, where it will be re-assembled and available for viewing in 2019. 

“We congratulate Team UOW on their outstanding performance and are proud to have supported them to such an amazing finish,” Tractile Director Bertio Terpstra says.

Tractile’s superior design aesthetics and integrated solar PV and thermal technology also completed more prestige homes recently in Bayview, Sydney and Marino, SA.

Our large format, low profile design was a natural choice for both homes, with roofs featured prominently, set against the background of stunning water views.

Download our Design Guide now to learn how Tractile, the designer solar roof can be a game-changer for your next project.