The recent launch of solar roof tiles by the world-leading company Tesla has brought attention to a similar product manufactured by an emerging Australian company in Queensland. Renowned global entrepreneur Elon Musk, who helped pioneer PayPal and Tesla, recently launched the sales of the Tesla solar roof tile.

The global launch by Tesla has helped raise awareness among potential consumers, says Trac Group managing director Jason Perkins, who believes that it will boost Trac Group’s own sales because their Tractile solar roof tiles outperform the Tesla products.

According to Mr Perkins, the Tesla products are simply left in the shade when compared with Tractile solar roof tiles on factors such as the price of the roof, the weight of the roof, the amount of electricity and hot water produced per square metre or the options for the roof lines.

Trac Group, which designs and manufactures the award-winning roofing products, is now rolling out their solar tiles throughout Australia with plans to enter the giant US market very soon.

Developed, tested and refined over a period of eight years, Tractile solar roof tiles are now getting ready for a global roll-out. One of the earliest entrants in the solar roof tiles market, Tractile is the only one in the world that offers both electricity and heated water from a solar roof tile.

Mr Perkins acknowledged the contribution of Mr Musk for highlighting the opportunity in the solar roof tile sector.

The Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) market will grow from about $3 billion in 2015 to over $9 billion in 2019, and surge to $26 billion by 2022, he added.