Timbercrete (Sydney)  provides mud brick series as well as smooth faced sandstone series in block shapes. The mud brick series made from timbercrete not mud. These blocks were developed as a drop-in as a replacement for traditional mud bricks. Due to this fact it shares the same physical dimensions as cobblestone series manufactured by Timbercrete (Sydney).

Timbercrete (Sydney) mud bricks are durable that it does not erode under water sprays and it is not required to be bagged or rendered. These mud bricks from Timbercrete (Sydney) are available in blocks for single leaf for load bearing frame-free construction.

As with the smooth faced sandstone series from Timbercrete (Sydney), it is available in uniform shape and size. It appears similar to that of Western Australian limestone or smooth cut sand stone. These Smooth Faced Sandstone Series often displays delicate or dramatic natural colour variations or even induced variations by using colour oxides according to customer requirement.

The finished products of smooth faced sandstone series also look similar to cobblestone series another patented product of Timbercrete (Sydney). This smooth faced sandstone series is available in two sizes of blocks for single leaf that load bearing frame-free construction or bricks for a traditional veneer. Timbercrete (Sydney) blocks are non flammable, and fire proof building product available in Australia (FRL 240-240-240).