The Glass Block Shop  offers wide range of services including designing, incorporating and installing glass bricks and blocks. The Glass Block Shop has been operating in this business for the past thirteen years.

The Glass Block Shop installs glass block using silicone and mortar materials. The silicone system is ideal for bathrooms and wet areas as the silicone material provides a join between glass bricks. The glass bricks can also be directly installed in the wooden frames by using silicone material.

The Glass Block Shop offers a wide range of Germany and Indonesia glass blocks and bricks. These glass blocks are available in variety of sizes, colours and designs. The Glass Block Shop also stocks glass blocks that are used in curved, frameless and angled applications.

The Glass Block Shop also provides fire rated glass block and glass brick panels ranging from 95mm to 100mm thickness.

The varieties of glass blocks and bricks offered by The Glass Block Shop includes Blendarm, Candi, Digona, Flemish, Clearview, Diamond, Narrow and Broad cross rib, Flora, Samba, Sahara clear side, Toba, Tangerine, Wave, Savona, Satina, Stella, Quadra and Kosmos