Expanding steel trellis doors are becoming increasingly popular amongst retailers as an effective deterrent to ram raids, break-ins, and vandalism. This is largely due to the fact that these doors provide a strong, attractive and economical security alternative, which is extremely low in maintenance.

During trading hours the doors tuck out of the way to ensure an unobstructed view of store merchandise. At night they provide formidable security and maximum through-vision, enhancing store presentation. Retailers often place an emphasis on in-store presentation and trellis doors allow passers-by to view their entire range and any in-store promotions after hours.

Richard Kaplan of The Australian Trellis Door Company says, “Trellis doors are extremely versatile, allowing many options such as a curved radius, 90-degree pivot rotations, completely trackless systems and various locking options.”

Kaplan added that they recently installed trellis doors for the new flagship Bang & Olufsen store at Sydney’s Double Bay. Roller shutters were not an option for them due to their curved shop-front window so they called The Australian Trellis Door Company to provide a custom-made trellis door solution.

The results were astounding, prompting Trevor Ridout, Bang & Olufsen’s regional manager to recommend The Australian Trellis Door Company and its products to other businesses, stating that they, “..provided the best ideas, giving a custom solution.”