The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) offers an innovative range of commercial security screens designed to secure facilities with wide openings that have minimal headroom and sloping floors.

ATDC recently installed their S06 commercial security screens at the Dendy Cinema on King Street in Newtown where the project presented some interesting challenges. The openings had very wide spans with both minimal headroom and tight storage space availability to stack the screens when unlocked, opened and not in use. The openings also had very noticeable sloping floors.

ATDC’s S06 commercial security screens provided the ideal solution for these challenges. The security screens are secured with a slimline heavy duty extruded aluminium top track, which requires very little overhead clearance and is supported by a robust top support beam. The doors were installed on a parallel top track.

This configuration reduced the side stacking requirement to a mere 8% of the total span being secured. Additionally, a system of self adjusting bottom internal metal inserts allowed the door to traverse the gradient in the floor quite easily.