The Australian Trellis Door Company ’s Egress steel trellis doors have recently been certified to comply with Clause D2.21 of the BCA, on the basis that the Egress doors are fitted with hardware that is “readily openable without a key from the side that faces a person seeking egress, by a single hand downward action or pushing action on a single device which is located between 900 mm and 1.1 m from the floor.”

With the newly developed egress-handle and protective plates that enables easy key-less opening and exit from the inside of the store in an emergency situation, the ATCD steel trellis doors were able to receive this BCA certification.The plate is manufactured from high-strength thick Lexan sheeting, which is cut, bent and slotted so it can slide easily with the concertina action of the trellis door. 

A 3M black vinyl film layer is applied to the Lexan to block out external visibility of the handle position (Lockwood lock and handle) situated on the inside of the plate/door. Someone trapped on the inside of the store would only need to push down the lever handle and slide the trellis door sideways to gain egress from the store.

For entry to the store, another ATDC 3-point Alumax Lock is fitted to the centre of the door for easy key-turn access. This lock may be keyed-alike to other restrictive locking systems. 

ATDC offers a comprehensive range of steel trellis doors as an economic solution for securing shop-fronts. They are becoming increasingly popular in shopping centres as the main store front door due to their strength, through-visibility and low maintenance.